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Call for a fair and equal Budget - sign the Plan B petition

Date Released: 27 November 2012

On Wednesday, 5th December, the Government will announce the Budget.

 By signing the Plan B Budget petition today on our website - you can add your voice to those calling on the Government to make it a fair, equality based, budget that also boosts the economy.

To sign the Plan B Budget petition click here

We will hand in all the petitions that have been collected to the Government on Tuesday, 4th December, at 1.00 p.m. at Dáil Eireann, Kildare Street.

Join us there on the day to raise your voice. Read about our alternative ‘Plan B’ Budget choices that are fairer, boost economy & meet deficit targets on our website:

We highlighted that the planned Budget adjustment could be raised from various forms of taxation on wealth and corporations and removing reliefs that benefit higher income earners. The Government, could, if it made the choice, avoid any cuts to spending on public and community/voluntary services and welfare in the upcoming budget. We are calling on the Government to place the burden of adjustment on the sections of society who can afford to pay more - rather than inflicting further pain on lower and middle income sections of our society

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