A hundred years ago, workers came together to build a union that would fight for economic justice and equality; to give a voice to their communities that had been ignored, exploited and marginalised. Today, the fight continues as community and voluntary (C&V) workers organise with SIPTU to defend their projects, jobs & communities.

Workers in the C&V sector know why their sector is worth fighting for. Every day they see how the C&V sector has become a critical pillar in the provision of a range of vital services and programmes such as childcare, youth projects, community development, eldercare and training to name just a few.

Our members and activists are leading the fight to protect jobs and services. We need ALL workers in the community sector to come together through SIPTU to challenge the cut backs.



“Protecting Our Communities”

“The best way we can protect our community is to get organised through our union. It’s not just about us ,it’s about standing up for the people we look after.”

-Rita Fagan, Community Worker, St Michael’s Family Resource Centre, Inchicore


Challenging the Cutbacks

“We need to make our politicians understand the real value of the work we do. Cutbacks are killing our communities.”

Aidan O’Halloran

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