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No public contract without collective agreement

Date Released: 28 April 2021

Let’s use public money to ensure that work is empowering, not exploitative. A UniEuropa Campaign

€2 trillion is spent every year by governments and public institutions across the EU for goods and services delivered by private corporations. This money can play a determining role in lifting working people’s conditions.

Instead, this money often fuels the race to the bottom. That is because public procurement rules are skewed to favour price over all other considerations. Under these circumstances, corporations consistently turn to undercutting working conditions by suppressing their workers’ fundamental collective bargaining rights.

Across Europe, people are taking a stand to change those rules. From local government to national public institutions all the way to the EU, at every level public procurement can be leveraged to deliver decent work. 

This can only happen if people have a say at work. Working people are calling for a change to EU public procurement rules to achieve this end: no public contracts for companies without collective agreements.

Get behind the campaign.


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