Press Release

SIPTU Irish Rail workers to consider Labour Court recommendation

Date Released: 11 April 2014

SIPTU members in Irish Rail will consider a Labour Court recommendation issued today (Friday, 11th April) in relation to cost containment plans at the transport company.

SIPTU Organiser, Paul Cullen, said: “This Labour Court recommendation does take account of some concerns expressed by our members in relation to the possibility of offsetting some costs from non-payroll areas and a guarantee in relation to the duration of an agreement.
“It is also noted that the recommendation includes a reduction in payroll. It should also be noted that our members have already rejected pay cuts in a previous ballot."

He added: “The recommendation will now be closely considered by our members and discussed at a meeting of the SIPTU Irish Rail Committee scheduled to take place on Thursday, 17th April. Following this meeting a notice will be issued with the commencement date of a ballot of all SIPTU members in Irish Rail on the recommendation.”

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