Press Release

SIPTU NEC calls for ‘Yes’ vote in Marriage Equality Referendum

Date Released: 23 January 2015

SIPTU's National Executive Committee today called on members of the union to vote ‘Yes’ in the forthcoming Referendum on Marriage Equality

Commenting on the decision, SIPTU Campaigns and Equality Organiser, Ethel Buckley, said:
"As trade unionists we don't tolerate discrimination in the workplace. Neither should we tolerate discrimination in society as a whole.
“Equality is a core value for SIPTU. It’s vital that union members and activists across the country, including first time voters, get out and vote ‘Yes’ in the interest of equality. Every vote will count!
"In a real Republic based on equal citizenship, civil marriage should be open to all citizens. By voting ‘Yes’, SIPTU members will be according same sex couples the right to equality.
"SIPTU members can help motivate their work colleagues, friends and family to vote in favour of this step towards a more just society.”

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