Press Release

SIPTU Cork District Council hosts meeting on Yes to Equality campaign

Date Released: 23 February 2015

A presentation on the case for a ‘Yes’ vote and the key issues involved in the Civil Marriage Equality Referendum will be made at a meeting of the SIPTU Cork District Council in Connolly Hall, Lapps Quay, Cork, at 6.00 p.m. tonight (Monday, 23rd February).

Those who will address the meeting include SIPTU National Equality Committee member, Suzanna Griffin.

“Equality is a core value of the trade union movement,” she said. “Winning this referendum will ensure that workers in same sex relationships will stand a better chance of being valued as equal citizens. However, there are also other legislative changes and societal efforts needed to fully ensure LGBT workers are treated with dignity and respect. This fight is part of the wider struggle that must be fought for all workers if we are to achieve fairness and justice in our shared society.”

SIPTU Organiser, Colleen Minihane, will address the meeting on the practical steps that SIPTU members in the Cork area can take to ensure that a ‘Yes’ vote is secured in the upcoming referendum.

“We will be putting up posters across workplaces throughout the county. SIPTU members are being encouraged to have conversations about the referendum and to raise the topic for discussion at local meetings. Above all we will be asking our fellow workers, friends and families to go out and vote ‘Yes’ on polling day.”

All SIPTU members in the Cork area are invited to attend the event.

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