Press Release

SIPTU calls on Government to review use of JobBridge in Education Sector

Date Released: 04 August 2015

SIPTU has called on the Department of Social Protection to review the use of JobBridge in the Education Sector stating that its implementation will result in the displacement of workers.

SIPTU Education Sector Organiser, Louise O’Reilly, said: “Almost 100 JobBridge posts in the Education Sector have recently been advertised. These advertised posts are in a number of teaching and non-teaching grades. If these posts are filled by JobBridge participants it will result in the displacement of jobs that already exist.” 

She added: “We are calling on the Department of Social Protection to immediately examine all of these advertised JobBridge posts with a view to withdrawing its sanction for their inclusion in the scheme. 

“It is not acceptable to our members that a participant in this scheme can undertake their work. The posts that are advertised in the Education Sector contravene the spirit and the rule of JobBridge. Urgent action is needed before any of these posts are filled.”

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