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SIPTU members strike action at Tim Hastings Volkswagen enters third week

Date Released: 17 February 2017

The strike action by SIPTU members at Tim Hastings Volkswagen in Westport, County Mayo, entered its second week today (Friday, 17th February) with the workers preparing for a major escalation of their campaign.

SIPTU Sector Organiser, Teresa Hannick, said: “Our members began their strike action on Friday (3rd February) and will maintain the work stoppage until management agree to implement the full terms of a Labour Court recommendation concerning three of their colleagues who were made redundant last year. No redundancy payments, either statutory or ex-gratia, have been paid to the workers who lost their jobs.

“Our members would also like to express their appreciation for the manner in which the local media have at all times attempted to report on this dispute in an unbiased and fair manner. Last week a SIPTU press release highlighted an erroneous statement made by the company concerning its claim that the workers had received their statutory entitlements. This company statement featured in a Mayo News article on the dispute.”

She added: “Our members would like to make clear that they appreciate that this was a case of that newspaper carrying out its duty, without prejudice, to report the position presented by both sides in thedispute. The SIPTU press statement was open to interpretation as a criticism of the Mayo News article. However, our members would like to make clear that rather than criticise that newspaper it should be applauded for the manner in which it has diligently covered this dispute in an impartial and professional manner.”

SIPTU Organiser, Ashling Dunne, said: “Since the strike began we have been overwhelmed with the level of support from the local community. People have regularly delivered refreshments and food to the picket line or signaled their support as they drive past. Over the next few days SIPTU members will be escalating the campaign with protests at local GAA matches and other actions, the details of which will be revealed in the coming days.”

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