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ICTU Film and Television Construction Group of Unions accept new National Construction Agreement

Date Released: 01 July 2022

The ICTU Film Construction Group of Unions (FCGU) has welcomed the introduction today (Friday, 1st July) of a new National Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Irish film and Television industry. Members of the unions involved, SIPTU, BATU, OPATSI and the Irish National Painters' and Decorators' Trade Union (INPDTG) voted by secret ballot to accept this agreement which comes in to force upon signing and will remain in place until December 31st 2025.

According to union representatives, the Agreement represents a watershed moment as the passing of the ballot concludes a significant period of engagement between the ICTU Film Construction Group of Unions and SPI to deliver on a national Construction Agreement which will act as an important framework for the industry in setting consistent standards and enhancing work practices. 

SIPTU TEAC Division Organiser, Karan O Loughlin said: “This agreement has been years in the making and creates a consistency with employment standards for the industry right across the country. The Trade Union Group welcomes it and appreciates the work undertaken by our activists and officials in bringing this agreement to fruition. The Agreement covers several important measures, including the promotion of positive and safe work practices, the extension of coverage for pension, sick leave and other benefits to industry construction workers under the Construction Workers Pension Scheme and the establishment of a new joint monitoring structure that will help ensure the agreement is appropriately implemented.”

Speaking on the announcement, Susan Kirby, CEO of Screen Producers Ireland stated: “This is a positive moment for the Irish AV Sector, as it demonstrates what can be achieved when member organisations and trade unions work together to reach an agreement that helps drive the industry forward. It’s important to continuously find effective and appropriate ways to enhance workplace standards for those working across the sector, and we welcome further engagement with FCGU on this Agreement and on other matters in the future. SPI would like to thank FCGU for their continual engagement on this Agreement and congratulate them on a successful ballot result for their members.”

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