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Commemoration of 1972 bombings in Dublin

Date Released: 01 December 2022

Poet, Rachael Hegarty, reading at the commemoration to mark the deaths of two bus workers, Tommy Duffy and George Bradshaw, who died in a loyalist bombing on 1stDecember, 1972 at Sackville Place in Dublin. On the same day, a car bomb exploded outside nearby Liberty Hall, injuring several people and damaging the headquarters of the ITGWU (now SIPTU).

The bombs coincided with a debate in the Dáil to extend the provisions of the controversial Offences against the State Act, which was proposed by the Fianna Fáil government.

The amendment to the Act giving greater powers to the Garda to arrest and detain people suspected of supporting political violence was unexpectedly passed after the leader of the opposition, Liam Cosgrave and his Fine Gael party abstained on the vote, following the bombings.

The event, organised by Justice for the Forgotten, on Thursday, 1stDecember last also marked the death of another bus worker, Tommy Douglas, who died on 20thJanuary, 1973 in a second loyalist car bombing in Sackville Place. 

The British government has refused to release files in its possession which campaigners believe could reveal collusion by its security forces in these and other bombings in Dublin in the 1970’s. They are also seeking the release of all relevant files held by the Irish state.

Click here to watch the video of poet Rachael Hegarty reading at the commemoration.


Sackville place bombing commemoration

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