Thousands of people showed their support for SIPTU and Mandate members employed at Dunnes Stores in a national protest in Dublin on Saturday, 6th June. The major national demonstration in support of decent work and a living wage began at Merrion Square, Dublin 2, and concluded with a rally outside Dunnes Stores head office, Georges Street, Dublin 2. The rally included large contingents from SIPTU, Mandate and the British GMB union, which held its national conference in Dublin over the weekend. Those who addressed the rally outside Dunnes Stores headquarters included SIPTU National Executive Council member Bernie Casey, Health Division activist Brian Condra and ICTU General Secretary Patricia King. SIPTU Services Division Organiser, John King, said: “The demands by Mandate and SIPTU members for fair and secure hours and the right to trade union representation are central to workers being treated with dignity and respect by their employers, and they are central to the building of a fair society.  “Low-hours contracts as in the case of Dunnes Stores and zero hours contracts in the case of the other employees are deeply exploitative and are leading to increasing levels of ‘in-work’ poverty. “The workers in Dunnes Stores can testify to the corrosive nature of such contracts to working and living conditions.”  He added: “The use of these contracts extends far beyond the Dunnes Stores situation, as they are prevalent right across the retail, hospitality, private health care, private education, and in some areas in the public sector. “The rally on Saturday sent a clear message to employers that bad employment practices will not be accepted and to the Government on the urgent need for legislative reform.”