Everyone wants to be valued, respected and listened to at work.


This is why people form trade unions.


Forming a union gives workers a voice that cannot be ignored and helps them to achieve fairness, respect, and a fair share.


However, this doesn’t always happen. When making decisions that impact the lives of workers, many bosses will not talk to, or listen to workers, in a meaningful way.


Workers who want to form a union are often actively prevented from doing so by their employers. Many are pressured not to join a union while some are even sacked.


That is why workers need protections against union busting.  We need to prevent rogue employers from aggressively targeting workers who want to organise a union. It’s time to level the playing field.


We need to provide workers with safe access to trade unions.


We demand that the Irish government lives up to its obligations under EU Directives to actively promote collective bargaining.  We demand that the Irish government takes real measures to expand the number of workers benefiting from negotiating a collectively agreement with their employer.   


The Access Organise Unionise Campaign is calling for:

  1. An outright ban on union-busting
  2. The introduction of robust anti-penalisation protections so that a worker can’t be victimised for being a union member
  3. The introduction of separate robust protections so that a union representative can’t be victimised, discriminated against or dismissed for their union activity
  4. Proper sanctions on employers who engage in victimisation activities and discriminatory behaviour
  5. The introduction of prescribed facilities for union representatives so that they have the means to discharge their functions
  6. The right of workers to access trade union representatives and trade union advice and information

No more public money to companies that don’t respect their employees’ decision to unionise and bargain collectively

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