The Bus Éireann Trade Union Group, which includes the NRBU, SIPTU, Unite, TSSA and TEEU, have announced an all-out strike to commence on the 20th February to coincide with unilateral cuts to agreed terms and conditions. The Group said: “Bus Éireann have had ample opportunity over the last 48-hours to positively respond to requests from all trade unions to withdraw the preconditions of pay cuts contained within the correspondence from the company of 18th and 27th January. "The representatives of all trade unions met today to consider what course of action would be appropriate in response to this appalling attack on semi-state workers. It was clearly felt that Bus Éireann, by setting out on a course for major confrontation with workers, have also decided to ignore the wishes of the majority of those democratically elected to Dail Éireann, not to unilaterally impose changes without the agreement of from its own staff” The Group went on to say: “Our representatives have today decided to engage in an all-out strike, effective from the 20th February 2017 in response to this appalling and unprecedented attack. It remains a matter for Bus Éireann to decide if it wants to run the risk of bringing travel chaos to bear on the communities it is obliged to serve, or enter meaningful talks with the Trade Union Group without preconditions”.