A benefit concert by Christy Moore for the children of Gaza has raised €27,871.41 ($34,338.60). The concert held at Vicar Street in Dublin on Sunday 12th October featured musicians Declan Sinnott, Vickie Keating, Jimmy Higgins, Mick Blake and poet, Paula Meehan, along with Christy Moore, and was enjoyed by over 1000 people. The event included a raffle of a print of a painting by artist, Brian Maguire, depicting the death of peace activist Rachel Corrie in Gaza in 2003 and a platinum disc of Christy Moore’s 1978 album ‘The Iron behind the Velvet’. The funds raised at the concert have been received by the Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) which provides treatment and medical assistance to children in Gaza who have been traumatised by successive attacks by Israeli defence forces including the most recent assault in July and August last which resulted in the deaths of over 1400 people, including more than 500 children, and left over 11,000 thousand injured. Responding to the donation the Director of Gaza Projects for MECA, Dr Mona El-Farra said today (Wednesday 29th October): “We thank you very much for your all of your efforts – not just your practical support but your show of humanity. Through your music and concert, you conveyed a message to the world and to the people in Gaza that we are not alone or forgotten. Your funds will help the traumatised Palestinian children in Gaza who went through a very difficult time during the latest Israeli attacks. We are trying to help them overcome the traumatic experiences through our project "Let the Children Play and Heal" which uses drawing, writing, singing, drama and other creative games. These creative outlets are always needed for children in Gaza living under siege and occupation but they are even more vital now with so many children suffering after they horrors of 51 days of Israel attacks from the air, sea and land.” Christy Moore said: “This project was carefully nurtured by my colleague Paddy Doherty, by Frank Connolly at SIPTU Communications and by Leagues O'Toole at Aiken Promotions. We sought from the outset to get the funds directly to those working on the ground with children in Gaza. Making direct contact with Dr. Mona El Farra and her team ensured a good result. Many shoulders were at the wheel of this collaboration. Thanks to all who lent their weight and skills and to all those who came out on the night.”