The Health Division was recently advised of a decision of local HSE management to request that a member should not attend their workplace due to being deemed to be a close contact with a confirmed case of measles. The Union understands that the individual did not have any symptoms of measles or felt unwell and the decision to request the individual not to present in the workplace was precautionary. The period of not attending the workplace would be for 21 days. The individual was advised they would only receive basic salary during the period of not attending the workplace.

The issue was raised at a meeting of the Interim National Joint Council. National HSE officials were asked why the individual would not be paid as per their roster during the period of requested absence from the workplace given the request was precautionary, the individual was not sick or presenting with symptoms and the period of absence was at the request of management.

National HSE stated the issue had been raised with them by management in one of the regions and they were seeking public health advice on it. SIPTU maintained that a member should not be financially penalised because management requested the worker remain out of the workplace due to concerns regarding close contact with a confirmed case of measles.

The Union was advised that the HSE will investigate this matter and revert as soon as possible. SIPTU stated that any decision to ensure a worker is not financially penalised must retrospectively include any member already identified to this union as being impacted by a similar action.