Congress General Secretary Patricia King today (8th July) called for the implementation of a Living Wage as part of wider drive against inequality, north and south of the border. In her inaugural address to delegates at the Congress Biennial Conference (BDC), King said: “Creating decent jobs with decent incomes is essential to reducing economic inequality.  We need major changes  in economic and social policy North and South to arrest this. “There are strong economic advantages to the implementation of a Living Wage which would create the ‘Virtuous Circle’ effect of increasing domestic demand leading to higher tax revenue and boosting growth in economic performance which in turn would create employment and raise living standards.” The General Secretary said the dominant economic model promoted “free trade, cuts to public spending, the elimination of regulation and reducing the role of trade unions. “All of which have caused considerable hardship and damage to the lives of workers and their families.” King said the creation of a properly functioning economy would mean that “citizens who need a home can access one affordably, that everyone who needs healthcare can receive it through a universal system rather than a dual system which is solely based on how much wealth you own. It’s the availability of quality childcare, at reasonable rates and on where people are not afraid to grow old but are assured of adequate income and care in their elder years.”King condemned the treatment of Clery’s workers and described the company’s new owners as “corporate thugs.”A full copy of the address is available here.