Construction Workers from the SIPTU and BATU trade unions will hold a protest outside the Department of Education and Skills on Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, tomorrow, Thursday, 25th June. The protest is to highlight the failure of the Department to uphold agreed industry terms and conditions for construction workers employed on projects within its School Building Programme.  SIPTU Construction Sector President, Eddie Gunnery, said: “The Department is awarding projects to contractors that are refusing to cooperate with trade union organisers who are seeking to ensure that workers are recieving the correct pay rates and conditions.“By ignoring this situation the Department is actively contributing to the race to the bottom in workers’ conditions that is taking place in the construction industry. Skilled construction workers are now working for as little as €10 an hour on some of these projects.”SIPTU and BATU intend to commence a series of protests and other actions until the Department of Education and Skills takes steps to ensure compliance for all School Building Programme contracts.