Cork City Council community wardens will commence a campaign of industrial action, including a picket on the headquarters of the local authority at City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork, on Friday (26th May) at 9.00 a.m., in a dispute concerning the failure to have their work roles adequately evaluated. SIPTU Organiser, Con Casey, said: “These workers play a vital role in assisting the development of communities in the city which are designated as disadvantaged as part of the RAPID scheme. They work in improving the lived environment of these communities through education, enforcement and local community actions.  “Despite the important work carried out by community wardens, and a recommendation of the Labour Court, the management of Cork City Council has refused to engage in an evaluation of the roles these workers carry out. This is essential if we are to retain and develop these workers for this service in assisting communities across the city.”  He added: “These workers have pursued their claim through all the state industrial relations bodies. Management has not engaged in these processes in good faith, even refusing to attend a hearing in the Labour Court. This resulted in the workers having no option but to vote for industrial action, up to and including, strike action.  “The industrial action which commences tomorrow will consist of the workers placing a picket on City Hall and only carrying out the work which they are strictly contracted to perform. They will engage in no ‘good will gestures’ or additional training.  “The industrial action will escalate if Cork City Council management continues to refuse to enter into a process where the important functions of these workers are properly evaluated.”