The Cork Young Workers’ Network has called on young people to orgainse in order to campaign for decent jobs and decent pay, following the success of the group’s first meeting on Tuesday (15th April) evening. A diverse group of young workers, apprentices, interns, unemployed and students met in Connolly Hall, Lapps Quay, Cork, to discuss the establishment of a new campaign focusing on young people’s demands in the Cork area.A number of key issues for young people in Cork emerged at the meeting. These included the impact of youth unemployment, low pay and the decision of the Government to create intern schemes rather than invest in creating decent jobs.A decision was made at the meeting to immediately launch a campaign demanding decent work and decent pay.Among those who attended the meeting was Fiona Ryan, 25, from Cork, she said: “Young people are being told now that they are not entitled to a good wage and that the only thing they have in front of them is emigration or the option of working for free. It’s not good enough.”  Michael McCarthy, 20, from Cork, said: “Young people are more willing to protest for their grandparents than for themselves. It’s time for them to stand up for themselves too.”The Cork Young Workers’ Network, which is supported by SIPTU and the Cork Council of Trade Unions, will be holding further meetings in the coming weeks as well as demonstrations to highlight its call for decent jobs and decent pay.