The SIPTU Construction Sector conducted a ‘blitz’ of sites in the Dublin area during April which saw many construction projects visited by union organisers.

During these visits, SIPTU information leaflets were distributed and workers were informed of the benefits of trade union membership as well as their proper entitlements under the Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) for the industry.

SIPTU Organiser, Rory Hawkins, said: “We engaged with workers on sites citywide and found them eager to hear about the benefits of joining collectively into the Union. We further explained to workers that the Union can ensure that all their entitlements and rights under labour law and the SEO for the industry are secured. This included informing them of the forthcoming pay rise which is due in August this year.”

He added: “When talking to workers we informed them that as part of the Union, they can also campaign for further improvements in wages and conditions.”

The SIPTU Construction Sector visits building sites across the country every week and as a result organises many new members into the Union.

Picture: SIPTU Organisers, Thomas Healy, Rory Hawkins and Patrick Thornton outside Liberty Hall on 22nd April before visiting several construction sites in the Dublin area.