SIPTU members in Dunnes stores across the country are being consulted on how they wish to proceed with an ongoing dispute concerning temporary contracts and working hours. In November, a Labour Court ruling urged Dunnes management to engage with staff. SIPTU Organiser, Derek Casserly, said: “The issue is over permanent contracts and regular hours. If you are working only a 15, 18 or 19 hours a week and don't know what hours you will get, you can’t plan ahead. Workers don't know what their pay packet is going to be at the end of the week. Dunnes is a huge, multi-million euro company and it should not be pushing people towards the social welfare system in order to supplement their incomes – it’s immoral." He added: “There had been an agreement that management would deal with unions on issues but that was back in 1996. It really never happened and in reality we’re in a situation where there is no communication.” The Mandate union, which represents over 4,000 Dunnes employees nationwide will ballot its members in the next few weeks on whether or not to take industrial action.