A two-day conference focusing on the development of a European Qualifications Framework (EQF) will open in Liberty Hall, Dublin, tomorrow (Thursday, 16th May). SIPTU General Secretary, Joe O’Flynn, is opening the conference in the National Executive Council room at 9.00 a.m. Among those making presentations are representatives of trade unions, training and other organisations from Germany, UK, Spain, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Lithuania, as well as Dublin MEP, Emer Costello.The conference, hosted by the European Qualifications Framework Praxis and Information Network and its Irish partner organisation the IDEAS Institute, will deal specifically with accreditation of prior learning in the workplace.Pat Coughlan of Ideas Institute, said: “As part of a policy to promote worker mobility throughout the European Union, the EU Institutions agreed a Recommendation in 2008 to set up a European Qualifications Framework.“The Liberty Hall conference is the culmination of work with partners in Germany, UK, Spain, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Lithuania on a project dealing with accreditation of prior learning in the workplace."Ideas Institute General Manager, Ron Kelly, said: “The underlying idea is that the EQF improves the transparency of qualifications and so makes it easier for workers and employers to understand and compare qualification levels from one country to another.“The discussion at the Liberty Hall conference will be of importance to Irish workers and businesses with its emphasis on the role of education and training in developing the economy.”