The final two banners of the Liberty Hall wrap around, depicting scenes from the 1913 Lockout, will be unfurled on Thursday and Friday, 26th – 27th September. The 50 meter high, 17 meter wide banners will cover the entire south, west and east façades of Liberty Hall from the first to the fifteenth floors. The banner covering the western façade, facing the Customs House, will be unfurled tomorrow (Thursday, 26th September). The eastern façade banner, facing the city centre, will be unfurled the following day (Friday, 27th September).The scenes depicted on the banners are based on the artwork developed for the SIPTU National Tapestry Project by artists Robert Ballagh and Cathy Henderson.SIPTU Head of Infrastructure, Tony Walsh, said: “After months of preparation this striking tribute to the men and women of the 1913 Lockout will finally be on view to all. The 1913 Committee is confident that this massive public artwork will both excite and inform viewers. The banners will remain in place throughout the centenary of the 1913 Lockout which concludes in January 2014.”The unfurling of the banners is expected to begin at 8.00 a.m. tomorrow and Friday and will take several hours to complete. The display is part of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions 1913 Lockout Committee series of commemorative events.