SIPTU has welcomed today’s decision by the High Court which lifted the three interim injunction orders granted to Greyhound Household Ltd on 17th June last. The decision means that management cannot interfere with official union pickets or prevent workers from describing its actions as a Lockout.SIPTU Organiser, Henry O’Shea, said: “The pickets at two Greyhound plants in west Dublin will continue until the management sits down to discuss and find an agreed resolution. This dispute arose because management unilaterally imposed wage cuts of up 35% from mid-June. “As a result of this High Court decision we can now generate more public awareness of the cause of the dispute and the effects it could possibly have on the collection of domestic waste in the Dublin City Council area.” He condemned the use of scab labour by Greyhound Household which he described as an attempt to break the resolve of the affected workers. “Peaceful official pickets will continue to be placed on Greyhound Household plants in Knockmitten, west Dublin and the company headquarters in Crag Avenue in Clondalkin,” Henry O’Shea said. A march to City Hall is being held in support of the locked out workers on Monday 7th July to coincide with the monthly meeting of Dublin City Council. Last week, SIPTU members met with a cross party and independent councillors met in City Hall after which the councillors pledged their full support for the locked out workers. The councillors have also put the dispute at the top of their agenda for Monday’s council meeting.