Airport workers from around the world protested outside the annual general meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, on Thursday (2nd June). The protest, which highlighted the attack on their pay and conditions that airport workers are experiencing across the globe, was held by Airports United with the support of SIPTU. Airports United is a new trade union group bringing together airport workers on an international basis. International Transport Workers’ Federation General Secretary, Steve Cotton said: “Airports United is made up of the workers who are the backbone of this successful world industry. In return they’re being worked harder, for less, without job security.” He added: “More and more airline and airport services are being farmed out to subcontractors where all too often working conditions are poor. This has led to high staff turnover and an inexperienced workforce. The workers themselves tell us that this is leading to flight delays, an increased risk of security breaches – newer workers are almost twice as likely to be unwittingly involved in these – and corners being cut as workers race to meet turnaround times with fewer and fewer staff, putting personal and aircraft safety at risk.” SIPTU Aviation Sector Organiser, Greg Ennis, said: “In recent years, workers in the aviation sector in Ireland have been at the forefront in the struggle to maintain decent working conditions in the airline industry. It is a battle that will intensify as workers face the growing threats posed by increased outsourcing and the registration of airlines in country’s with lower protections for employees.”