International Transport Federation representatives have today (Thursday, 14th, December) welcomed the publication of a Joint Oireachtas Report aimed at halting the exploitation of migrant fishermen working on Irish trawlers. The International Transport Federation (ITF) Co-ordinator, Ken Fleming, said: “Firstly, the report vindicates the ITF position that the current regulatory regime is not fit for purpose and requires a major overhaul. Secondly, we would like to compliment the work of the committee and their commitment to assisting the ITF in winning fairness in the fishing industry. The simplification of the permit process and the extra funding earmarked for interpreters, inspectors and an information campaign is a positive step in the right direction.The recommendation that a single Government minister is given overall responsibility for co-ordinating the oversight of the fishing industry is to be welcomed. Unfortunately, we have experienced government departments and ministers passing the buck between themselves down the years. This measure will ensure that a sharpened focus can be given to the industry and ensure that the positive recommendations especially around health and safety in the report are implemented in full.”He added: “However, while all the recommendations are positive and welcome they will amount to nothing unless meaningful engagement with all the representative bodies of the industry takes place. At the launch, this morning the ITF repeated its offer to sit with all industry stakeholders to find solutions to end all exploitative practices in the fishing industry.”