Irish Equity has expressed disappointment with the announcement by TV3, today (Wednesday, 30th August), that it intends to postpone the production of a fourth series of the popular drama show Red Rock. Irish Equity Organiser, Karan O Loughlin, said: “The cast of Red Rock are extremely disappointed at this situation. The development of this show was a good initiative by TV3 to which the cast were very committed. All the indicators for the show were very positive. It has very good viewing figures on TV3 as well as being popular on the BBC and Amazon. The show has acquired a solid fan base, a fact obvious from the numbers who have taken to the Red Rock Facebook page to express their disappointment at the decision. “The cast needs to be congratulated for its commitment to the creation of such a high quality and popular show and remains committed to rounding off the current season for its fans. This is a good production and Irish Equity members call on TV3 and any other interested parties to reconsider the decision to postpone it.” Irish Equity President, Padraig Murray, said: “The loss of this production is a blow to the TV industry in Ireland. We have an abundance of talented and experienced cast and crew but there are just not enough TV productions to reflect this. “The Government needs to take a serious look at how it is promoting and developing indigenous TV production in the Republic of Ireland, particularly in light of Britain’s exit from the EU meaning we cannot be overly reliant on incoming productions. We must have adequate funding and plans for indigenous TV production if we are to effectively use the talent and resources available.”