Irish Equity, SIPTU and Equity UK met in Liberty Hall on Tuesday (21st May) and debated the challenges confronting actors who live and work in the Republic of Ireland and international actors who come to work in Ireland. Both unions have agreed that the exploitation of actors arising from the refusal of the industry in Ireland to conclude international standard collective agreements and the effect of the Competitions Act in restricting the rights of certain actors to engage in collective bargaining are matters that need to be addressed as a priority. SIPTU has put in place a plan targeted at building the capacity of Irish actors through their union to achieve such agreements. Coupled with the expertise of Equity UK, these initiatives will be used to ensure the plan has maximum effect. Both unions have also agreed to establish a joint action group involving members and organisers that will work on developing further initiatives that will support this work over the short and medium term. In June 2013, members of Irish Equity along with Equity UK will meet with sister unions from the US, Canada and Australia when further efforts will be explored to develop solidarity and support for this work. Members of the executive of Irish Equity who attended the discussions welcomed the meeting and the progress made. The President of Irish Equity, Padraig Murray, expressed his hope that the effects of these initiatives will be to deliver a strong voice though their union that will protect, defend and advance the interests of actors.