Irish Equity passed a motion at its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, 29th March, calling for a moratorium on proposed cuts to the funding of the cultural sector in Northern Ireland. The motion also sent “solidarity and support” to the members of Equity Northern Ireland who are “opposing these dreadful cuts to the arts, particularly to theatre, now being proposed.”SIPTU Arts and Culture Sector Organiser, Karan O’Loughlin, said: “The motion also highlights the detrimental effects that these cuts will have on the cultural sector on both sides of the border.“Cuts of this nature on live performance affect the cultural industries across the island, with the potential to damage both economies. They will threaten recorded media activity in television and film, by reducing the critical mass of work opportunities that allows performers to develop and grow their skills and expertise.”She added: "In light of this threat to the all-island cultural sector, Irish Equity is supporting the call of our colleagues in Equity Northern Ireland for the members of the Northern Ireland Assembly to intervene before the funding reductions are implemented and establish a moratorium, to allow a longer term examination of the impact of these cuts."Irish Equity is part of SIPTU and represents actors, theatre directors, stage and set designers.