A new helpline for second-level school students with workplace issues was launched today (Monday, 25th September), at an event in the SIPTU Welcome Centre, 33 Eden Quay, Dublin 1. The helpline is operated by the SIPTU Workers Rights Centre and is aimed specifically at assisting members of the Irish Second-Level Students Union (ISSU). ISSU President, Ben Smith, said: “We are delighted to partner with SIPTU on this campaign to inform our student members of their rights in the workplace. We found, from research we completed during the summer, that many young people were unaware of their rights at work. “We want to make sure that they have a place to access this information and that they understand the support that a trade union can provide. The helpline is an invaluable service for young people. It provides them with access to advice, support, and information during their first years of employment and we are extremely grateful to SIPTU for recognising our members’ needs.”SIPTU Campaigner, Dan O’Neill: “The launch of the helpline marks the beginning of the ISSU and SIPTU supported Workers’ Rights Information Week for second-level school students. The aim of the week is to raise awareness among young people of their rights in the workplace.” ISSU Student Engagement and Development Officer, Aoife Ní Shúilleabháin: “The week’s events will include a questions and answers session on Facebook concerning young people’s rights at work. There will also be a number of online blog articles released regarding young workers’ experiences at work.”