Earlier this month SIPTU officially launched the Workers Rights Centre, Ireland’s first specialist employment rights ‘one stop shop’ which will provide empathetic and professional advice and representation for individual SIPTU members. This is part of SIPTU’s continuing campaign to bring decency back into the workplace. The union’s main work is organising groups of workers so that terms and conditions of employment are improved as well as protected when they come under attack.This collective mission continues apace as workers organised in groups get the best results. But when the issue only affects one worker it doesn’t mean that SIPTU members are left alone to face the employer. The available resources of the Union are always utilised to ensure that we abide by our commitment that “An injury to one is a concern of all”.The area of employment law is quite complex and major change is envisaged later this summer with the passing of the Workplace Relations Bill. A new system of adjudication coupled with a more legalised environment in which the Labour Court will carry on its business demands that workers will need even greater support and representation when they seek to vindicate their rights.SIPTU General Secretary, Joe O’Flynn, said: “I believe this Centre clearly encompasses our social mission to achieve workplace justice for our members. We are about to enter a new era of workplace resolution with the imminent passing of the Workplace Relations Bill and the new name is just one manifestation of our readiness to progress and meet the many challenges facing workers.”Contact the Workers Rights Centre on 1890 747 881