The Lessons of the Russian Revolution will be the focus of a lecture and debate, which will include Irish and international experts on the subject, in Liberty Hall, Dublin, on Friday, 17th November, starting at 7.00 p.m.   The evening will begin with the inaugural Kevin McMahon Memorial Lecture, which will be delivered by the distinguished US academic Prof David M Kotz, an internationally recognised expert on the Russian Revolution and later history of the USSR. A panel discussion will follow the presentation by Prof Kotz. The panel will include Professor Helena Sheehan, an author of several works on European socialism, SIPTU General President Jack O’Connor and historian Dr Brian Hanley. The event will be chaired by SIPTU College tutor, Eira Gallagher. Kevin McMahon Memorial Lecture coordinator, Cian McMahon, said: “Although there are widely differing views on the Russian Revolution and the State which emerged from it, there is no denying it was the pivotal political event of the 20th century. As such it is essential that its impact, in this its centenary year, on the world and in particular progressive politics is properly considered. This will allow lessons to be drawn from it by activists that may inform our approach to the challenges that face society today.”