International Workers’ Day on Friday, 1st May, will be celebrated in Dublin with a trade union march and rally followed by a social night in Liberty Hall. The march organised by the Dublin Council of Trades Unions (DCTU) will assemble at the Garden of Remembrance at 6.30 p.m. All  trade unions and community organisations in the city which will include a SIPTU delegation carrying historic trade union banners.The march will conclude with a rally outside Liberty Hall where trade union and community leaders will address the need for workers to show solidarity across Europe against the austerity agenda.The rally will be followed by a ‘Workers’ Festival’ in the Liberty Hall bar. Organised by the SIPTU Dublin District Council (DDC) the festival will include performances of working class ballads and traditional music.SIPTU Dublin District Council chairman, Jack McGinley, said: “For more than a century May Day has been the most important date in the cultural calendar of the international workers’ movement. It is a day when we remember the victories of the past that have established a degree of fairness in society and assisted in the development of economies that serve the needs of society.”He added: “It is also a day when the workers’ movement reflects on the battles to come and the solidarity that we will need to win them.”