The Old Darnley Lodge workers are calling on concerned members of their local community to attend a meeting in the St. James Hall, Athboy, Co. Meath, on Thursday (21st February) at 7.00 p.m. to discuss the future of the hotel. The workers, who are in the fifth week of a sit-in at the hotel in Athboy, have organised the meeting to discuss how best to protect the hotel’s future in a manner which benefits the local community and economy.Old Darnley Lodge SIPTU Shop Steward, Eileen Quinn, said: “The support we, the workers, have received from the local community has been tremendous. We are now calling on all local people, business owners and politicians to meet on Thursday evening to discuss what is the best way to ensure that the Old Darnley Lodge continues to be a key asset for the local community and economy.”She added; “We believe that the best people to decide on this are the local community and not accountants or the banks who are not in a position to consider the wider social and economic importance of the hotel to the surrounding area.”SIPTU Organiser Martin Mannion said: “The Old Darnley Lodge workers commenced their sit-in following the sudden closure of the hotel on Wednesday, 16th January. The management of the hotel gave only one hour’s notice before its closure and since then has been uncontactable to discuss the workers' statutory entitlements. Accountants have been appointed to oversee the liquidation of Mitrespor Ltd, the hotel’s management company.”The workers' decision to organise a meeting on the hotel’s future is supported by the SIPTU Meath District Committee.SIPTU Meath District Committee Secretary, John Regan, said: “At a well attended meeting of the District Committee on Wednesday, 13th February, in the SIPTU Offices, Navan, delegates voted unanimously to call upon SIPTU members to actively work towards a speedy resolution of the dispute at the Old Darnley Lodge which benefits the workers and wider community.”SIPTU District Committees are geographically based forums in which union members can discuss and decide upon actions to support union campaigns and policy initiatives.