Workers at the Old Darnley Lodge, whose sit-in at the hotel in Athboy, Co. Meath, is now in its third week, are attending a creditors meeting of the business’s management company in the Cavan Crystal Hotel today (5th February). SIPTU Organiser, Martin Mannion, said: “Accountants have been appointed to oversee the liquidation of Mitrespor Ltd, the hotel’s management company, and the creditors meeting tomorrow is expected to mark the beginning of this process.”Old Darnley Lodge SIPTU Shop Steward, Eileen Quinn, said: “The manner in which the workers, have been treated is completely unacceptable. However, it is hoped that tomorrow will mark the beginning of a process that will lead to the workers’ receiving all monies they are owed including redundancy pay, holiday pay and hours owed.“This hotel is vital to the local community and we believe if managed properly it can be successful. We hope that a new owner for the business can be quickly found.”The workers commenced their sit-in following the sudden closure of the hotel on Wednesday, 16th January. The management of the hotel gave only one hour’s notice before its closure and since then has been uncontactable to discuss the workers' statutory entitlements.The hotel employs approximately 15 full-time and 30 part-time and casual staff, the majority of whom are SIPTU members.The Meath SIPTU District Committee has also indicated its support for the workers’ sit-in.The Secretary of the Meath District Committee, John Regan, said its members would consider what further action to take in support the Old Darnley Lodge workers at its next scheduled meeting on Wednesday, 13th February.