The Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) published its latest Quarterly Economic Observer on Tuesday, 25th March. In it, the economic think-tank examines the extent of low pay across Northern Ireland finding that 25% of workers earn less than the ‘Living Wage’. The research found that young people, women and those in part-time work are most at risk of falling below a decent wage level. It also found that low pay is widespread in sectors such as accommodation, food, retail, residential and social care. Commenting on the findings, NERI Economist Paul Mac Flynn stated that “Northern Ireland has significantly higher levels of low pay than any other UK region and low pay is of most concern in sectors of the economy that are growing. This level of low pay is a serious threat to the domestic economy and any chance of recovery”. Mac Flynn added that consideration needs to be given to enforcing the national minimum wage, promoting the living wage across the Northern Ireland economy and examining the case for sectoral wage agreements. To read the report click here