Dear Colleagues, SIPTU representatives have entered discussions with public service employers for the restoration of pay for union members who have suffered severe reductions in income over the past number of years. We will also seek the alleviation of the Pension Levy imposed on all members in the public service during this time. Other issues, including the ending of the moratorium on recruitment and the consequent out-sourcing of many public service jobs, will also feature in these discussions. In addition, there are a number of sectoral matters involving our members in health, education, local authorities and state related bodies which need to be addressed to our satisfaction. The negotiations commenced at 2.30 p.m. today (Tuesday 19th May) at Lansdowne House, Dublin 4, under the auspices of the Labour Relations Commission and are expected to continue for some weeks. I will keep all union members in the public service informed of developments as the discussions progress. Yours sincerely,Gene MealySIPTU Vice-President