SIPTU members in Rehab Enterprises in Limerick have been informed that they face redundancy on significantly reduced terms, after decades of service. SIPTU Organiser, Jim Fuery, said: “Our members in Rehab Enterprises in Limerick have been informed by senior management that the company is threatening to make 37 workers redundant, following a 30 day consultation period. Most of these workers are earning the minimum wage of €10.20 per hour of which 75% is subsidised under the long-standing Disability Wage Subsidy Scheme. Our members are among the most vulnerable people in society and are now faced with the loss of their employment in the middle of a pandemic.  “They have also been told by management that the Rehab Group Board has sanctioned a significantly reduced redundancy package from that previously agreed. The decision by the Rehab Group Board to unilaterally reduce the redundancy package for these workers with disabilities who have decades of service, is unacceptable. The company closed Smiles Newsagents at a number of outlets in Dublin in December 2020 without agreement on redundancy terms and this matter is awaiting a Labour Court hearing. “SIPTU members do not accept any reduction to existing redundancy terms and have asked the company to re-consider its proposed plans for Rehab Enterprises in Limerick.”