The SIPTU Community Sector is currently organising into the Union workers in Bohemian FC. The Sector is also seeking to engage with other League of Ireland clubs on the value of union membership.

SIPTU Sector Organiser, Brendan Carr, said: “This is an important initiative. League of Ireland teams are a key element within our communities and as these clubs seek to foster even greater community engagement, we believe SIPTU can work with them to the benefit of all.”

Pictured in the new Bohemian FC ‘Better in a Trade Union’ jersey are (left to right) SIPTU Deputy General Secretary, John King, Fórsa activist Chris Crowley, Bohemian FC player James Akintunde, SIPTU activist Suzanne Armstrong, Bohemian FC player Anna Hegarty and SIPTU Community Sector Organiser, Brendan Carr.