The Union organises, negotiates for and campaigns with workers and citizens who suffer various forms of discrimination and disadvantage, workers who are on low pay and low incomes, who are poor, marginalised or socially excluded for whatever reason. 

This involves SIPTU fighting all forms of discrimination in employment and in society including any based on age, race, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or membership of the traveller community, as well as gender or sex discrimination. 

The Union also campaigns against other causes of inequality and unfairness such as poverty, unemployment and social exclusion. Over 35% of SIPTU's members are women and, despite substantial successes and achievements - for example in the areas of equal pay – gender inequality still persists in the workplace and must continue to be challenged. 

Collective bargaining at enterprise level complements legal regulation in promoting and strengthening equal opportunities for Union members.The Union’s Rule Book stipulates that all SIPTU practices, policies and activities must be equality proofed to ensure they meet the best standards in relation to non-discrimination.