SIPTU members in Tim Hastings Volkswagen, who have been on strike since early February, were joined by hundreds of supporters in Westport, County Mayo, on Saturday (4th March), to highlight the campaign for the workers to be paid their redundancy entitlements and for management to respect a Labour Court recommendation. Among those who showed their solidarity was SIPTU General President Jack O’Connor, representatives from IMPACT trade union, the Communications Workers Union and leading members of the local community. Addressing the rally at the Octagon in the centre of Westport, SIPTU General President, Jack O’Connor called on Volkswagen Ireland to use its influence to ensure that the workers receive justice from the management of Tim Hastings Volkswagen.  He added: “Our members’ demands are not unreasonable. I am prepared to meet Mr. Hastings and discuss how to resolve this bitter dispute. I imagine four weeks’ pay for each year of service is little more than small change for Mr. Hastings. If he thinks that our members are just going to go away, he has another thing coming.” SIPTU member and Tim Hastings Volkswagen worker, Paul Durcan said: “The workers on the picket line outside Tim Hastings Volkswagen have over 150 years of loyal service. The management have not shown us the respect such service demands. We may be eight people but with the support of our union and our community we feel like 800.” SIPTU Organiser, Ashling Dunne, said: “Our members are resolute in their determination to win justice. This struggle is a concern for all workers as management cannot be allowed to forgo its responsibility for redundancy entitlements and fail to respect the State’s industrial relations institutions.”