SIPTU has accused the management of the HSE of being soft on salary compliance for the highest earners following the announcement that many senior managers in Section 38 Health Service Providers are being allowed to maintain salary 'top up' payments. SIPTU Health Division Organiser, Paul Bell, said: “The announcement yesterday (Tuesday, 22nd July) by the HSE that senior managers in Section 38 Health Service Providers may retain top up payments, some of which are in excess of €30,000, has appalled many SIPTU members.“It is the stated policy of the HSE that managers in Section 38 organisations should be paid the same as those in comparative roles in the public sector. However, it is apparent that the management of the HSE is prepared to overlook its own guidelines when it concerns those on high salaries but not when they impact on frontline workers”.Paul Bell added: “Many SIPTU members are particularly angered by the fact that Section 38 organisations have been adamant that our members, who are caring for vulnerable service users, are only paid €43 for a complete ‘sleepover’ night shift. This payment equates on a per hour basis to less than the  minimum wage.“I believe the decision to allow these ‘top up' payments has seriously damaged the ability of both the Department of Health and the HSE to delivery credible reform of the Public Health Service”.