Members of the SIPTU Galway District Committee met with Fine Gael TD, Sean Kyne, and Fianna Fáil TD, Eamonn O’Cuiv, on Thursday, 12th September, to present them with Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) budget proposals that are aimed at boosting growth in our economy and creating jobs. Local shop stewards and activists representing workers in the Health, Education, Manufacturing, Public Administration and Community sectors presented the budget proposals and discussed their importance with the two TDs.Galway District Committee Vice-Chairperson, Yolanda Hughes, said: “We were very pleased with the level of engagement with the two politicians that attended. They said they would consider the ICTU proposals in detail and discuss them with their party colleagues." She added: “We were disappointed with the small number of politicians that attended the meeting. All of the TDs and Senators in the West Galway constituency had been invited to meet with the worker representatives to discuss the ICTU proposals.”SIPTU Organiser, Diane Jackson, said: “The austerity budgets of the past five years have imposed a great deal of hardship on families. The ICTU proposals present an alternative strategy for budget 2014, one that would generate growth in our economy and create badly needed jobs.”  The ICTU proposals include the government making a fiscal consolidation of €2 billion, an investment stimulus of €4.5 billion over the next two years – financed in a manner that limits the cost to the taxpayer – and targeted tax increases for the highest earners.