Members of the SIPTU Meath District Council are protesting outside four bank branches in Navan, county Meath, today (Monday, 13thJuly) between 12.00 noon and 2.00 p.m., to show their opposition to the charging of interest on loans and mortgages suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The protests will take place at branches of the Bank of Ireland, Northern Bank, PTSB and AIB located on Kennedy Road and Market Square in Navan. SIPTU Meath District Council delegate, Christy McQuillan, said: “Banks are seeking  to profit from the Covid-19 mortgage and loan payment breaks by charging interest over the period of suspension. They are claiming that they must do this due to advice from the European Banking Authority. “We believe this is just another case of the Irish Banks pressuring workers and their families. They are doing this even at a time when the whole country is facing one of the most severe economic challenges in its history.”   He added: “The banks claims that they must impose these charges have been questioned by the Government and Central Bank Governor. We are calling on all trade unions, political parties and the general public to unite in demanding they end the imposition of these interest charges.” SIPTU Meath District Council chairman, Anton McCabe, said: “The banks must treat their borrowers and the public with fairness and respect. For far too long the Irish banks have treated their customers as sitting targets for additional charges and other measures purely aimed at increasing their profits.”