The National Executive Council (NEC) of SIPTU has condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has committed to co-operate with the Irish Red Cross (IRC) in assisting refugees from the war on their employment rights. Following a meeting of the NEC in Liberty Hall today, the union has agreed to assist the IRC in its efforts to deal with this major humanitarian crisis that could lead to the arrival of tens of thousands of refugees from Ukraine over the coming weeks and months.  Many of those seeking work are unfamiliar with Irish labour law and do not speak English as their first language. The union is concerned that unscrupulous employers could exploit these vulnerabilities and deny workers their rights and entitlements. For this reason, SIPTU has committed to provide Ukrainian refugees with information and advice, in their own languages, on their rights as workers and to make the union’s offices and other services available to the IRC Ukrainian Refugees Settlement Programme. SIPTU and IRC will work together in supporting the work of the charity in enabling the settlement of refugees in Ireland. The union has also agreed to make a donation to the charity to help finance its work in this area.  SIPTU has written to the leaders of the Ukrainian trade unions advising that the union welcomes their members to this country and to assure them that we will work with the IRC and other authorities to protect them from exploitation. The union is also donating to the International Trade Union Confederation Emergency Fundraising Appeal for Ukraine to assist their trade union members and those in neighbouring countries including Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova, which are supporting refugees seeking a safe haven from the conflict.  SIPTU will continue to insist that the Irish government, as a member of the UN Security Council, demands a dialogue of peace, immediate cessation of military action, safe access and the protection of civilians as they are displaced from their homes, including those fleeing to bordering countries.  The union also hopes for early negotiations to resolve this crisis and an outcome which will protect the sovereignty and security of both Ukraine and Russia as well as those of neighbouring countries which have been deeply affected by this appalling humanitarian crisis. The roof of Liberty Hall will be lit up tonight in the national colours of Ukraine in solidarity with its people.  Guide to Irish Employment Rights for People Fleeing the War in Ukraine