SIPTU and MANDATE have welcomed the news that the establishment orders for the Joint Labour Committees (JLCs) have been signed. The JLCs, once they are formed by trade union and employer representatives under the auspices of Kieran Mulvey, the Chief Executive Officer of the Labour Relations Commission (LRC), will set basic levels of pay, above the minimum wage, for tens of thousands of low paid workers. SIPTU Vice-President, Patricia King, said: "This is a good day for low paid workers. It follows the intensive lobbying, and engagement with the Government, by the trade union movement. We now expect that the CEO of the LRC will be requested to invite the parties to make their nominations to the JLCs. "We would expect the employers in the six relevant sectors including hospitality and catering, retail, contract cleaning, security and agriculture to take a full and productive part in the process." MANDATE General Secretary, John Douglas said: "The JLC system operates mostly in low-paid sectors and where workers have little ability to protect or improve their conditions of employment. "The re-establishment of the JLC's will ensure that thousands of low-paid vulnerable workers will be protected and will ensure that the concept of decent work is put back on the agenda. MANDATE is calling on all of the relevant employers to engage positively with the process as a matter of urgency," he said.