SIPTU and other trade unions at Translink have written to Denis McMahon, Permanent Secretary at the Department for Infrastructure, to express the union's concern over the financial sustainability of Northern Ireland public transport company. The move comes after Translink management indicated that, due to the company's poor financial position, they would be unable to table a pay offer for 2023/24. This, the union warned the Permanent Secretary, "may force us to initiate an industrial ballot" unless meaningful discussions were forthcoming. SIPTU, along GMB and Unite with its sister unions in Translink, also expressed fears that the company may have difficulty sustaining the operation of public transport in Northern Ireland without departmental funding.  It continued that the new £400 million transport hub in Weavers Cross could be "rendered superfluous" if the main public transport provider was "unable to sufficiently service the project due to financial constraints and potential industrial relations issues. "SIPTU Industrial Organiser, Niall McNally, said: "Our members in Translink are furious that the company hasn't tabled a pay offer for 2023/24. This is unacceptable and we are calling for immediate discussions with the Permanent Secretary to resolve it. "The Department for Infrastructure lauds its investment in visionary infrastructure such as Weavers Cross, but the public will not be able to enjoy these modern facilities without a functioning public transport company or a well-paid workforce to operate them. "We want to avoid industrial action but, unless serious action is taken to alleviate this crisis, that is the direction we are heading. The absence of the Northern Ireland Executive is adversely affecting our members. Meanwhile, the current Tory government’s failure to provide adequate financial resources for public transport is doing nothing but harm to ordinary working people.”