SIPTU and PFA Ireland representatives have secured an agreement with the FAI on issues of concern raised by the women’s national football team following nine hours of mediated talks which concluded shortly after 4.00 a.m. this morning (Thursday, 6th April). SIPTU Services Division Organiser, Ethel Buckley, said: “Following intense talks, where the players were represented by PFA Ireland officials and Sector Organiser, Denis Hynes, and myself on behalf of SIPTU, an agreement on the issues in dispute was secured. “This landmark agreement was only possible due to the organisation, bravery and commitment of the national team players. Their courageous action in publicly outlining their concerns provided their union representatives with a solid foundation from which to engage with the FAI and find a just resolution to this dispute. “The events of the past two days amount to a short, sharp and successful campaign to advance the rights of women in sport. They are also a reminder that in any area of modern Irish society women should never accept being treated as second class citizens.” She added: “The success of the campaign was only possible due to the decision of the players to join a trade union and fight for their right for it to be recognised as their representative body. The members of the women’s national football team, who displayed such bravery in the stance they took this week, deserve the respect and praise of not only the current generation of women in Ireland, but of future ones as well. I have been honoured to be among their representatives.” She concluded that she wished to thank Peter McLoone for his work as a mediator in this successful process. PFA Ireland Player Executive, Ollie Cahill, said: “The PFA Ireland is pleased that following lengthy negotiations through the night a comprehensive agreement has been reached which addresses all of the issues raised by the Republic of Ireland Women’s National Team. “The PFAI would like to thank SIPTU who stood by us and guided us throughout this dispute. We would also like to thank the public for getting behind our union and supporting these inspirational women and we now look forward to these players taking women’s football in Ireland to the next level.”