SIPTU members in Pfizer Ireland Ltd., Ringaskiddy, County Cork, have settled a dispute with the company following its agreement to allow 35 new entrants access to its defined benefit pension scheme. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Alan O’Leary, said: “Over 250 SIPTU members have been engaged in industrial action for more than eight weeks, since 27th January, at the Pfizer Ireland plant in Ringaskiddy, County Cork, over the refusal by the company to allow 35 new entrants access to the defined benefit pension scheme.“In correspondence to the Labour Court last Friday (31st March) the company confirmed that it was agreeable to the 35 SIPTU members joining the existing defined benefit pension scheme. “The union is pleased with the resolution of the dispute at Pfizer. Over 250 of our members were engaged in the industrial action which included an overtime ban because they felt very strongly that new employees should be treated equally and provided with the exact same terms and conditions of employment as all existing employees.”He added: “This dispute was essentially about equal treatment and fairness. All SIPTU members at the company welcome the resolution of this dispute. The dispute is now resolved to the satisfaction of our members and the industrial action has been ceased.“Union representatives will be meet with the SIPTU workplace committee shortly to consider the overall situation relating to the defined benefit pension scheme”.