SIPTU today (Wednesday, July 6th) attended a meeting with the Health Service Executive (HSE), under the auspices of the Workplace Relations Commission, in an attempt to resolve the current crisis in mental health nursing. SIPTU Sector Organiser, Kevin Figgis said: “After a robust and extensive engagement, a number of key issues were raised with management relating to the recruitment and retention of mental health nurses. HSE management confirmed, at the meeting, that it will seek to develop a document that provides the basis for further engagement to address these critical issues.” He added: “SIPTU understands this engagement will take place in the coming days. As a result, the process today was adjourned for the HSE to prepare documentation for further discussion." Padraig Peyton, Psychiatric Nurse and Chairman the SIPTU Health Divisional Committee said: “SIPTU attended these discussions to work on solutions that will resolve this crisis once and for all. We are hopeful that through further engagement in the coming days we can work out a solution that benefits both our members and the patients we care for.”